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anritsu Multi-Layer Network Test and Measurement Platform CMA5000a


  • Simultaneous 2-channel BERT Measurements
  • High-Speed Remote Measurements (Gating Time 10 ms)
  • Built-in Clock Recovery (8.5 to 11.32 G, 4.25 Gbit/s)
  • Electrical and Optical interfaces (XFP or SFP+)

The MP2101A BERTWave PE is an all-in-one BER tester required for evaluating high-speed cables and connectors used in communications systems. Expanding the BERTWave PE to 2 channels supports simultaneous TRx measurements requested for high-speed cable and connector evaluations eliminating complex line changes and time-consuming setup. Moreover, all-in-one support for PPG/ED crosstalk tests cuts measurement times and setup costs.

EYE/Pulse Scope

 Bandwidth (-3 dB)  DC to 20 GHz minimum, DC to 25 GHz Typical
 Display   Eye Pattern, Pulse Pattern
 Measurement Function  Statistical (NRZ), Histogram, Mask Compliance
 Sampling Speed  100 K samples/sec, Typical
 O/E Input (Option 003)  Optical Data
    Wavelength Range  750 nm to 1650 nm
 Clock Recovery (Option 055)  0.1 GHz to 2.7 GHz, 8.5 GHz to 12.5 GHz


MX210001A Jitter Analysis Software

 Operating Conditions  Operates only when installed in MP2100A/MP2102A with correct license information
 The installer runs with V3.00.00 or later
 Other use conditions comply with MP2100A series
 The WDP runs under MATLAB R2010b SP1
 Measurement Algorithm  Histogram mode, Pattern Search mode
    Histogram mode  
       Measurement Items  TJ (1.0E-12), TJ (user defined), RJ (d-d), DJ (d-d), DDPWS, J2 jitter analysis, J9 jitter analysis,
 Eye opening
    Pattern Search mode  
       Measurement Items  TJ (1.0e-12), TJ (user defined), RJ (d-d), RJ (rms), DJ (d-d), PJ (p-p), DDJ (p-p), DCD, ISI (p-p),
 Eye opening, J2 jitter analysis, J9 jitter analysis, DDPWS, PJ Frequency
    WDP Measurement  Requires installation of MATLAB 2010b by MathWorks
       Measurement Items  WDP, dWDP, TWDP, dTWDP, WDPc, dWDPc, TWDPc, dWDPc