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anritsu Multi-Layer Network Test and Measurement Platform CMA5000a


  • Intuitive Ease-Of-Use
  • Report Generation
    • All test results can easily be presented in custom pdf file reports with the touch of a button
    • Reports include graphical and tabular results which can then be handed over to the end customer to demonstrate compliance with the SLA
    • Channel Statistics Available
    • Channel Statistics Available
  • Compact and Rugged for Field Test Applications
  • Best-in-Class User Interface
  • Automatic Test Reports generation in PDF

The MP1800 Signal Quality Analyzer (SQA) supports direct bit error rate (BER) measurements and quality analyses of serial digital signals from 100 Mbit/s to 56 Gbit/s. Its modular design offers a flexible cost-effective solution for measuring at the optimum BER. Multi-channel parallel testing is supported by the all-in-one SQA incorporating Pulse Pattern Generators (PPG) and Error Detectors (ED). One-touch key operations simplify complex searches for input thresholds and phase adjustments, making the MP1800 perfect for R&D into 100 GE systems, optical modulators, high-speed logic, ICs, digital systems, and PONs.

  • Ultra High Speed Backplane Test Solution - Crosstalk, emphasis and skew tolerance test
  • 40+ Gbit/s Optical Modulation Test Solution - I/Q signal transmission test
  • 100GbE Device Test Solution - High quality and functional test signals
  • Manufacturing Solution for Multiple Optical Modules and High-Speed Connectors - Low Cost and Low Power Consumption
  • Evaluation of PON Devices for the Burst Data

Available application software for:

  • Eye Margin, Q Measurement, Bit Error Analysis using ISI, Eye Diagram, and Bathtub (Standard embedded applications)
  • Jitter generation and Jitter tolerance test
  • SONET / SDH / 1GbE/10GbE Pattern Editor
  • PON