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Anritsu announces the new S331L Site Master™ value model, replacing the S311D and S331D models. The S331L is a one port cable and antenna analyzer covering the most popular 2 MHz to 4 GHz range. S331L comes standard with a built-in InstaCal™ module as well as a built-in Power Meter at no additional cost.

As public release is still pending, regional sale representative will still be able to download brochure and datasheets, customer presentation and sale tools from a free file sharing application known as DropBox. The brochure and datasheets will be available in public website on next week.

Notification will be sent to regional sale representative to register with Dropbox for first time user.

With the introduction of the new Site Master™ S331L, the S311D and S331D models will be discontinued. Nevertheless, Anritsu will continue to accept orders for these models until September 28, 2012.

S331L can easily cover 95% of all S311D and S331D functions. For those people that may require the other 5% functionality, the S331E series provides those additional required capabilities.

Promotional Video! Available in Dropbox. The video will be also made public on YouTube and AnritsuTV at time of public launch.


Site Master S331L

Product Release Note - Anritsu Introduces the 9th generation Site Master S331L (SN-2181) [Confidential Available in Dropbox]

Product Release Note - S331L Competitive Analysis (SN-2183) [Confidential Available in Dropbox]

Product Release Note - S331L, S331D, S331E Comparison and selling strategy (SN-2193) [Confidential Available in Dropbox]

Product Release Note - S311D and S331D models discontinued. Replacement model S331L (SN-2182) [Confidential Available in Dropbox]

Product Brochure - Site Master S331L Product Brochure (11410-00640A) [Available in Dropbox]

Technical Datasheet - Site Master S331L Technical Data Sheet (11410-00616A) [Available in Dropbox]

Quick Fact Sheet - Site Master S331L Quick Fact Sheet (11410-00662A) [Available in Dropbox]

Customer Presentation - Site Master S331L [Available in Dropbox]

Sales Support - S331L Selling Guide [Confidential Available in Dropbox]

Sales Support - Site Master Model Comparison Chart Flyer (11410-00667A) [Confidential Available in Dropbox]