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VBA Xi-A Vehicle Bus Analyzers
  • CAN symbolic (Application Layer) decode of up to 4 CAN buses
  • CAN digital date extraction with symbolic format setup and plot data as an analog signal
  • CAN automated timing measurements
  • Compatible with CAN DBC database format
  • Includes CANbus TDM, FlexRay TDP, and LINbus TD solutions
  • FlexRay, Trigger, Decode, and Physical Layer testing (version 2.1)
  • LIN Trigger and Decode supported for 1.3, 2.x, J2602 versions
  • FlexRay eye diagram mask testing with error location
  • FlexRay physical layer measurement para meters for propagation delay, asymmetric delay, truncation and jitter
  • Capture thousands (seconds) of CAN, FlexRay and LINbus messages with up to 25 Mpts of memory