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WavePro 7 Zi-A Oscilloscopes
  • Freedom from Limitations
  • Additional Capability Standard
  • More Triggers Isolate More Problems More Effectively
  • TriggerScan
  • WaveScan Advanced Search and Analysis Finds Problems that Triggers Won't Find The best trigger won't find all unusual events
  • Fully Integrated Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (4+36) Option
  • Teledyne LeCroy - The Acquisition Memory Leader
  • Instantaneous Responsiveness
  • X-Stream II Architecture - Optimized for Fast Throughput
  • Optimized for Long Memory
  • Optimized for Responsiveness
  • Digital Filter Software Package (WPZi-DFP2)
  • Spectrum Analyzer Analysis Package (WPZi-SPECTRUM)
  • Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Option (MS-250/MS-500)
  • Jitter and Timing Analysis Package