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InSight Technology
  • Fully integrated control of DUT InSight circuits
    1. Selection of signal capture engine
    2. GUI to program trigger/filter conditions
    3. Control of trace depth and recording type
    4. Push button recording/uploading procedure
  • Multiple data views and reports provide in-depth analysis
    1. Waveform view
    2. Packet view
    3. Spreadsheet view
    4. Traffic summary
    5. Error summary
  • Full search and filter capability
  • Dedicated AXI analysis support
    1. Supports AXI-3, AXI-4 and AXI-lite
    2. Decodes AXI bus operations
    3. Hierarchical view of AXI read/write burst operations
  • XML-driven trace display and decoding defines the following:
    1. Signal mapping with bus sizes and mnemonics
    2. Details of InSightTM DUT IP blocks
    3. Number of signal capture engines in DUT
    4. Trace depth
    5. Trigger capabilities
    6. Address routing to InSight IP