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Kibra 380 Analyzer
  • Fast and Easy DDR3 Debug
    1. Self-contained system offers easy connection and setup
    2. Impedance matched Interposer style probing
    3. No calibration needed!
    4. Free trace viewer runs on any PC
  • Comprehensive JEDEC Trigger and Capture
    1. Detects over 65 JEDEC bus event & timing violations in real time
    2. Extended recording time captures 4X the memory events vs typical Logic Analyzer State listing
    3. Dedicated trigger output to scope for Read/ Write operations (WE)
  • Innovative Displays Focused on Timing Analysis
    1. Traditional State and Timing Waveform views
    2. Bus metrics are tracked per bank and per DIMM slot
    3. Real Time performance displays
  • Flexible, Scalable Platform
    1. Monitor two slots of quad rank DDR3 DIMMS or SO-DIMMs concurrently
    2. Supports registered buffered and unbuffered DIMM types
    3. Supports SO-DIMM types (ECC & non-ECC)