Note: For now, we only accept orders within Philippines.

  • Compact, complete fault locating system
  • High energy - 2000 Joules
  • Constant energy
  • 40 kV proof/burn
  • Inductive filter
  • New-style MTDR mounted in top panel

The PFL40A Series Cable Fault Locating System provides a safe, efficient and easy–to-use solution for quickly identifying and isolating faults over a wide variety of power distribution cables. Up to 1,500 (or optional 2,000) joules of constant energy output is achieved over multiple voltage ranges of 8, 16 and 34 kV.

The PFL40A offers DC testing up to 40 kV, proof/burn up to 34 kV, arc reflection, impulse current, optional voltage decay and an integrated MTDR graphical cable analysis system.