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With the increasing dependency of back up systems on battery strings, and the escalating cost of replacing batteries, instrumentation and software systems that can measure, trend and manage the life-cycle of cells is a cost effective option. There are two methodologies for testing batteries. The first, impedance testing is an on line test and can be performed frequently to identify individual weak cells before they fail. The second, battery discharge test is, normally, an off-line test and tests the actual output of the whole battery under load conditions. This will show what will actually happen if the battery is required to take the load. Most battery systems are floating and have earth leakage monitors and trips if there is an earth fault. The Battery Ground Fault Tracer allows you to trace a faulty circuit easily in a complex floating system.

Primary Current Injection Test System

Hand-held 200 A micro-ohmmeter

Circuit Breaker and Overcurrent Relay Test Set

Circuit breaker analyzer

Circuit breaker analyzer for breakers with one break per phase

Static / Dynamic Resistance Measurement Accessory for EGIL

Static / Dynamic Resistance Measurement Accessory for EGIL

2000 A primary current injection test set

Primary current injection test system

Current Supply Unit

200 A micro-ohmmeter

600 A micro-ohmmeter with DualGround

Microprocessor-Based Circuit Breaker Test Set

Circuit Breaker Test Set

Circuit Breaker Test Set

Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

Circuit Breaker and Overload Relay Test Set

DC Circuit Breaker Test Set

Vacuum interrupter tester

Universal Circuit Breaker Test Sets

Universal Circuit Breaker Test Set

Circuit Breaker Stab Sets

Circuit Breaker Analysis Software

Digital Data Acquisition Instrumentation and Control System

200 A micro-ohmmeter with DualGround

200 A micro-ohmmeter

A.C./D.C. voltage power supply