Note: For now, we only accept orders within Philippines.

  • Generates Graphs of Demand and Voltage/Current Data
  • Zooms-in on Specific Areas of Interest
  • Produces Detailed Reports
  • Performs Harmonic Analysis
  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Same look and feel for ease of use from one instrument to another


Metrosoft can provide the following:

  • CHARTS of actual waveforms analyzed
  • BAR CHART of harmonic magnitude for the selected waveform cycle
  • HARMONIC ANALYSIS REPORT for the selected waveform cycle


With MetrosoftTM, the power analyzers can be set up for different test conditions in a matter of seconds. By simply filling in a form, you choose which phases to record, the corresponding out-of-limit values, which statistics to save (minimum, RMS, and/or maximum), etc. For added convenience, the software automatically computes the maximum recording time for you based on the selections you've made. Once the power analyzer is set up for a test, it wiII retain this information until you change it. Also the setup files may be saved on a disk for re-use.


MetrosoftTM provides complete reports of the recorded data, which can be viewed, printed or exported to popular spreadsheet programs.

  • SUMMARY & SETUP REPORT lists instrument setup information and summary of all recorded data
  • TABULAR REPORT: POWER includes all power data recorded for each input
  • TABULAR REPORT: VOLTAGE & CURRENT includes all voltage and current data recorded for each input
  • TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION (THD) SUMMARY REPORT includes the THD for each input as a percent of the fundamental for the first cycle of each event
  • OUT OF LIMITS REPORT includes information on all out-of-limits events plus the status of all other inputs during each event