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  • Interconnects MPRT to Multi-Amp EPOCH-II or EPOCH-20 unit.
  • MPRT Touch View Interface provides manual control of the EPOCH-II/20 output.
  • Automated control via AVTS software.
  • High Power EPOCH-II/20 units provide capability to test panel of relays or high burden electromechanical ground overcurrent relays at high multiples of tap.
  • EPOCH-II/20 can be used to perform transient DFR playback, when high test currents / VA are required.

The Megger MEIU adds high-current, high volt-ampere output capability to the MPRT relay testing capability.

It is a small, light-weight, field portable, interface unit specifically designed to control Multi-Amp EPOCH-II® and EPOCH-20® units with the Megger MPRT relay test system.