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Developed for pipe, pipeline and vessel testing the evolutionary ergonomic design of the Corrosion WheelProbe enables constant and even pressure to be applied in the testing environment, thanks to the conformable WheelProbe tyre, resulting in consistent and repeatable amplitude response.

Excellent coupling is achievable, even on rough corroded surfaces, thanks to the conformable water filled tyre. Fine water misting is all that is required for coupling, no mechanical pumping of water is necessary. Encoded 50mm wide strip scan, B or C Scan, amplitude of Time of Flight (depth) - dependant on the host instrument or reporting software. The inspection width of 50mm provides greater detection capability.

Designed specifically with Circumferential Scanning in mind the minimum diameter that can be accommodated is 4 inches/10 cms. Adjusting the inspection angle of the Corrosion WheelProbe is very quick and can simply be done in situ using the lever and guide on the side of the WheelProbe.

Scanning along the length of a pipe or cylinder is also easily performed, again the minimum diameter for this application is 4 inches/10 cms. An enhancement to the construction of the Corrosion WheelProbe is the front roller accessory which has been developed specifically for Longitudinal scanning. On pipe diameters of less than 24 inches/60 cm, this accessory improves stability by supporting the WheelProbe tyre, allowing you to obtain the best results from the WheelProbe over a greater range of pipe diameters.