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The offshore environment creates it's own set of unique challenges due the highly corrosive regions of operation and the levels of erosion and corrosion that occur due to production practices. Inspection areas include riser pipes, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and drill pipes along with standard requirements of planned inspection.

In the Rope Access field the Sitescan D+ Series is ideally suited due to it's ruggedness, lighweight build and one-button operation. Using the included harness, caribiner and attachment point combinations makes this flaw detector most adaptable and capable for this specialised field.

For corrosion checking, including MIC Attack, the Corrosion WheelProbe Veo Scanning system is ideally suited to this application.

Other areas are that require advanced NDT inspection systems are HIC damage, weld root erosion, preferential attack and flange face corrosion damage. Using the capability of the veo with both PA and/or ToFD probes, will provide the end user with an all inclusive portable package for the detection of such defects.